Sensory items to encourage exploration,

         discovery and development. 

From the moment your child is born, they begin to receive sensory information. Sensory play can enhance your child's physical and mental needs, and is highly beneficial for babies, children and those with additional sensory needs. 

We are passionate about providing products that are designed to support a range of needs. We have developed items that allow you to achieve the benefits of sensory play at home and that help to build on amazing the bond between parent and child. 

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My name is Sophie and I began A Sense of Wonder in 2018 after the birth of my second child, whilst on maternity leave from teaching in primary school. I attended my local sensory classes for babies, and my child and I got so much out of them that I wanted to be able to continue sensory play at home. 

When looking into sensory items online, the prices of individual items were so expensive, yet to buy in larger quantities brought down the cost. So I decided to do this and share the costs with other mummies, which gave me the idea for A Sense of Wonder! 

I love being able to provide parents with affordable sensory items to help their child develop and build on the bond between parent and child, and the feedback we receive makes it all worth while. So please, take a look at our shop and see what we've got to offer!



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