Loose Parts Play Set

Loose Parts Play Set

Our Loose Parts Set is a great starter set for introducing heuristic play to your little one. 

It includes the following items:
* Drawstring bag
* Mug tree
* 2 large wooden rings
* 4 small wooden rings 
* 2 wooden dolls  in pots
* 2 resin shapes
* A jitter  bug
* A small box with lid
* A wooden scoop
* A mushroom nut cracker
* A paintbrush 
* 3 different sized wooden reels
* An informative leaflet about heuristic play and ideas to get started. 

But what is heuristic play? 🤔

Heuristic play is based around curiosity and on a child’s developing ability to explore a range of objects in different ways. The open-ended nature of heuristic play encourages children to investigate and discover in their own way, applying their own creative ideas and building on their own experiences.

There is no right or wrong way to play with these items – the opportunities are infinite! Your child will be led by their curiosity and their own ideas, and it’s lovely to watch how their little minds work with these open-ended resources whilst you sit back and watch. 😁

This set is aimed at 18m plus, and comes with a booklet with more information about heuristic play and some ideas on using the items.
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