Set of 4 sensory scarves

Set of 4 sensory scarves

This set of 4 sensory scarves will provide hours of fun for you and your little one. These chiffon scarves are so versatile, they can be used in a variety of ways!

They promote interactive play through such games as peekaboo and stimulate baby's sense of touch.The material makes the scarf float in a gentle and graceful manner, helping babies to also develop their eye tracking.

As they get older, they can use the scarf in different ways. Including throwing and catch to build in their hand/eye coordination (and continue with peekaboo of course!) 😁

(Please note: As with all of our items, constant adult supervision is required when using these items. The colours of scarves provided will be a mixture of different/contrasting colours, but may differ from the ones shown in the picture.)

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